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Combat Commander Battle Pack #3: Normandy

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Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3: Normandy is the third themed collection of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander: Europe series of games. The theme of this third Battle Pack shifts to the West Front in June, July and August 1944 as various Allied forces landed on French soil to fight the occupying German forces. CC: Normandy features seventeen new scenarios printed on cardstock -- one of which is a multi-scenario Campaign Game -- as well as eight new maps, added markers necessary for some of the scenarios and a new feature to the series: a majority of the leader counters represent individuals who fought in the depicted actions.

Rules relevant to the characteristic fighting on the invasion beaches and inland bocage are included.

 § Rural Roads and Bocage;

§ Limited Smoke Barrage;

§ Mortar Spotters;

§ Invasion Terrain (Beach, Shingle, Water Barrier, Communication Trench, Hedgehog)

§ Bunker Busting;

§ Night

 Additional special scenario and campaign rules cover well-known individual features of the fighting such as Widerstandsnests, Casemates, Coastal Batteries, Commando Movement, Cliff Scaling, Bocage Clearing Doctrine, Pre-Registered Mortar Batteries, Armor Support and Air Superiority.
The maps depict specific locations in Normandy: the Pegasus Bridge, Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach (one directly on the beach at Widerstandsnest 61 and two on the bluffs above the beach, one on the western cliffs and the other on the eastern flank heading towards Cabourg), the villages of Crisbecq and La Madeleine, and finally Sword Beach (at La Brèche d’Hermanville). 

NOTE: CC: Normandy is not a complete game and requires ownership of both Combat Commander: Europe and Combat Commander: Mediterranean to play. 

Four 17"x22" 2-sided, full-color maps
Nine 8.5"x11" 2-sided Scenario Cards
176 die-cut counters
12-page color Play Book

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