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Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 4
wiek: od 10 lat
czas gry: ok. 60 min.

wydawca: White Goblin Games (2012)
projektant: Yannick Gervais

wersja językowa: europejska
instrukcja: angielska


Each player will play a foreman of the Egyptian empire in charge of the resource supply at the gigantic construction site of the Cheops pyramid. On your turn, you activate sites and play cards in order to gain the biggest influence on these sites. Each foreman will use his contacts among merchants, negotiators and torturers to supply boats located in major cities of Egypt. These boats will only set sail in the direction of Giza when full capacity is reached with the resources they require. The foreman who will furnish most effectively the construction site (the one who will obtain 10 victory points) will be rewarded by the Pharaoh himself.

Box content:
  • 60 character cards
  • 10 distribution cards
  • 20 boat cards
  • 8 site tiles
  • 185 resource tokens
  • 4 player tokens
  • 6 revolt tokens
  • 4 turn order tokens
  • 8 sundial tokens
  • 1 philosopher token
  • 12 category tokens
  • 20 negotiator troop tokens
  • 20 torturer troop tokens


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