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Ahoy (edycja angielska)

Pełna interakcji asymetryczna gra o piratach!


194.90 PLN
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wysyłamy w: ok. 7 - 30 dni

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Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 4
czas gry: od 60 do 60 min.

wydawca: Leder Games (2022)
nr katalogowy: LEDER05000

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska

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Ahoy is a lightly asymmetrical game where two to four players take the roles of swashbucklers and soldiers seeking Fame on the high seas.

One player controls the Bluefin Squadron, a company of sharks and their toothy friends, who patrol these waters and keep order with shot and sword. Another player controls the Mollusk Union, an alliance of undersea creatures and their comrades-in-arms, who fight to reclaim their ancestral home. In games with more people, some players control Smugglers, maverick captains who run blockades to smuggle luxuries and essentials, delivering them to those with the most need—or the most coin. Explore the seas. As you play, you’ll make a unique map full of treasure troves, dangerous wreckage, and mighty sea currents, using deluxe double-layer region tiles.

Featuring development from the same team that brought you Root and Oath, Ahoy offers deep, interactive gameplay in a fast-playing and easy-to-learn design with a colorful setting brought to life by Kyle Ferrin's gorgeous illustrations.

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dodano: 2023-01-27 Review Ahoy! autor: Juamax

Ahoy, is the latest creation of Leder games at retail. This time Leder games are offering us an asymmetrical pirate theme game for 2 to 4 players. Illustrated with the very recognizable style of Kyle Ferrin.

The game offers a nice introduction to asymetrical boardgames, there are 3 different factions present in the game; The Bluefin Squadron (Sharks), The Mollusk Union (Crabs) and the Smugglers (Up to 2 players can play with them). On two player games, we will be only play the Bluefin Squadron vs the Mollusk Union. We will add up to 2 Smugglers for 3 to 4 players games.

Each player has an allocated amount of D6 dice and a specific faction board that represents their faction’s flagship, a nice double layered board with different spots to place our D6 and carry out different actions that will help us getting fame points turn after turn. The game end triggers immediately after a player reaches 30 fame points, the player with the most fame points at the end wins!

During the game players will roll their dice, and will use 2 dice to carry out the actions described on their flagship board filling up their action spots, some actions spots will require certain pip numbers and each faction has specific actions that will help them with their strategies.

Among the common actions each faction have; you will be able to Sail and explore the seas, placing new sea region tiles, each sea region tile will have a wealth die starting at 1 which value will increase depending on the players actions.

You will also be able to combat with your cannons and inflict damaged to other players flagship boards negating them from their action spots, destroy their smaller ships, patrols or forts. Finally, you will always be able to repair the damages received in your flagship.

The board, will be laid out by the players while sailing around the sea, each sea region tile will have an island and other terrain features, like strong currents, harbors, sandbars, fog, wreckages and treasures.

There is also a market of cards representing possible crew members to recruit or cargo (If playing as an Smuggler) the crew will provide you some edge over the actions you can carry out, bonuses or even additional actions.

Short overview of the factions:

The Bluefin Squadron, will be contesting the sea regions wealth dice with their numerous patrols and forts controlling the movement of their enemies at sea.

The Mollusk Union, will be also contesting the sea regions although mainly placing their comrades on the islands on each sea region, and using their secondary ships and specific deck of schemes to help them swing the control of the sea regions along the board.

The Smugglers, both share the same flagship action board, and they will be competing to gain fame by being able to pick and deliver goods between the different islands. Each time they achieve to deliver their cargo successfully they will get a reward of their choosing on their board and increase that sea region's wealth dice. They will be also betting secretly which faction they think will control at the end of the game those islands for extra fame points.


If you want to enter the world of asymmetrical boardgames but you are unsure where to start, this is a great option. It offers 3 different asymmetric factions, on a very lean and straight forward rulebook, all wrapped up in a very colorful art style. Playtime should be less than 90 min after the players get used to the game.

As a two player game, Bluefin Squadron vs Mollusk Union offers a tight asymmetrical region control game. After a couple of games the time might not exceed 60 min.

All around, a fast engaging game to play, with very nice components and art.

And remember give no quarter seadogs!