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Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion

Dwa dodatkowe moduły do Fort - koty i psy.


59.90 PLN
dostępność: na zamówienie
wysyłamy w: ok. 7 - 30 dni

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Produkt na zamówienie: realizacja pod warunkiem dostępności u dostawcy.

Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 4
wiek: od 10 lat
czas gry: od 20 do 40 min.

wydawca: Leder Games (2021)
projektant: Grant Rodiek , Nick Brachmann

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska

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You've begged and pleaded with your parents and's time to get a pet!

Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion adds two modules to the Fort base game: dogs and cats. You can use one or both, as desired.

Dogs are loyal. If you play one, it will (usually) go stay in your doghouse, but they're fussy, so you can play a dog only if you meet its needs. Neglect a dog, and it'll wander off. At game end, whoever has the most dogs in their doghouse scores seven points!

Cats are fickle. Their actions happen at specific times, and they move around a lot. Cats will be attracted to a different player if their yard has cards of specific suits, even if the cat's current owner has them, too. The more cats you have at the end of the game, though, the more points you score.

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dodano: 2022-08-23 autor: Juamax

This expansion for Fort brings 2 small independent modules that you can add to expand your base Fort gameplay.

They will add 2 new ways of getting points through your games. The dogs module brings 18 dog cards, 3 per suit (Same size as the Kids cards from the base game) and 4 dog houses, one for each player. The cat module brings 8 cat cards (Same size as the made-up rules, 1st player cards from the base game)

How many dogs are used? 3 dog cards will be added per player to their initial hands. So you will have 3 Kid cards less on your initial hand.

What do our dog cards do? Each dog has a unique action that will trigger when their specific need is fulfilled by us. Once we have triggered their action the dog will be put on our dog house til the end of the game.

How do we play with our dog cards? First of all, they all have a suit like every kid in the game. So, you can follow actions of other players with them as normal, reinforce your actions or you can fulfill their need and perform their one time action, this cannot be followed by other players. Afterwards, they will stay in your doghouse.

How do we score points with the dog cards? Well, the player with the most dogs in their dog house at the end of the game will score 7 points, in case of a tie, tied players score 7 points.

How many cats are used? only 1 cat card will be added per player.

What do our cats cards do? Cats are not playable cards and they provide small bonuses through the game while they are at our side. They have no alliances, so they will move to the player that gets their attention, obviously different cats different tastes.

How do we score points with the cat cards? Depending on the number of cats a player has with him at the end of the game; 1 Cat = 1 Point, 2 Cats = 3 Points, 3 Cats = 6 Points and 4 Cats = 10 Points.

My opinion:

Fort is a nice game with several different ways to score points and achieve victory, if you play the game a lot and you think you are always following the same strategies to win the game and are looking for new ways of doing so, this expansion adds a few more possibilities, point wise.

The dog cards might slow down a bit the game, since their requirements might take some extra time to prepare. But the unique actions of the dog cards add an extra layer of strategie to the game, if you don't use them they might end up with your opponent so you need to be careful.

The cat cards, add small modifications to the actions we perform on our normal turns, so they spice the game a little bit, but you might not enjoy their company/benefits indefinitely…

I like this expansion and the small twist to the original game, I think it is a good option for players that play the game a lot and are looking for small changes to the original. The cats and dogs expansion art matches perfectly the game.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this game.

PS: The small tuck-box where the expansion comes fits inside the original game insert, with unsleeved cards!