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Domus Domini

Zarządzanie mnisim opactwem w XII wieku


189.90 139.90 PLN
wysyłamy w: 7 - 30 dni
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Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 6
wiek: od 12 lat
czas gry: od 120 do 120 min.

wydawca: franjos (2015)
projektant: Heinz Georg Thiemann

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


When Petrus Venerabilis takes office as the abbot of Cluny in 1122, he finds the monastery in a bad economic state. In order to secure the survival of the monastic community, he calls on the monasteries associated with Cluny for support. The monasteries are to deliver food to Cluny. In return, they will obtain letters of indulgence.
Each player is an abbot who leads such a monastery.
Each year (i.e., every round), players produce units of food and then deliver them to their abbot, Petrus Venerabilis. The player who delivers the most food units in a round gains the most letters of indulgence (victory points). However, he will get the least support (denarii) for further investments.
Whoever delivers the fewest food units in a round receives the fewest letters of indulgence, but the most denarii for further investments.
Consequently, players need to decide in each round whether they want to earn more denarii in order to invest in the development of their monastery, or to obtain more letters of indulgence in order to be the winner in the end.
But each player pursues his own plans, and so a scramble occurs on the road to Cluny every round, which might cause unpleasant surprises for some players.

Game materials:

6 monasteries (player boards)
1 gameboard, showing a road with a perimeter Letters-of-Indulgence track (victory point track)
42 Lay Brother tokens
36 Vegetable tokens
18 Monastery Expansion markers (3 per player)
6 playing figures in 6 colors (1 per player)
6 Letters-of-Indulgence markers in 6 colors (1 per player)
6 Monastic Property markers in 6 colors (1 per player)
6 Production Increase cards (2x beer, 2x cheese, 2x herbs)
6 Monastery cards (1 – 6)
18 Cellerar cards (values 1 – 18)
24 Denarius tokens worth 1
36 Denarius tokens worth 3
1 Cattle Herder special card
1 Vegetable Cart special card
1 Drunkard special card
24 Chapel Expansion cards (6x each of levels 1 – 4)
6 player information sheets
12 Watchdog tokens
18 Doghouse cards
4 trees (for "Robber" variant)
1 starting player figure (column)
English rules book

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