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Of Dreams & Shadows

Kooperacyjna gra przygodowa dla nawet 6 graczy w której wcielacie się w role mistrzów próbujących ocalić swój świat.


224.90 PLN
dostępność: na zamówienie
wysyłamy w: ok. 7 - 30 dni

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Produkt na zamówienie: realizacja pod warunkiem dostępności u dostawcy.

Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 6
czas gry: ok. 150 min.

wydawca: Greenbrier Games (2017)
projektant: Gordon Alford

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


. Set in a dark fantasy world, the players will journey from the underworld ruins of a long-dead people to the heart of untamed forests where otherworldly creatures dwell.

As they direct the actions of their Champions on the game board, the players will participate in a collaborative story. Scenarios introduce encounters and conflict, which are resolved through passing a test or making a choice. The consequences advance the storyline and drive a unique experience as part of the story changes based on each outcome. Failing a test could have dire results such as receiving one of several types of debilitating Afflictions. Many Scenarios will also present players with a moral dilemma where a decision could aid their cause, but not without sacrifice.

Opposing the players is one of three selectable Villains. Beings of myth and legend, the Villains have their own host of deadly servants to face in combat. Developing flexible tactics and teamwork among players will be crucial as there are over 30 different enemies, each with their own special ability. You must band together with your friends if you hope to survive.

150 minutes co-op campaign
Gorgeous illustrations and graphic design
Vast world building and deep narrative
RPG experience with no DM required
Selectable Villans shape dynamic gameplay and storyline

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