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Alien Frontiers 5th edition

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229.90 179.90 PLN
wysyłamy w: 7 - 30 dni
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Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 4
wiek: od 14 lat
czas gry: od 60 do 90 min.

wydawca: Game Salute (2017)
projektant: Tory Niemann

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


Award-winning game of resources management, dice placement, and area control set on the retro sci-fi world of Planet Maxwell.
Deploy your fleet of dice and colonize the untamed planet by utilizing orbital facilities, discovering alien technology, and constructing colonies in strategic locations to stake your claim to this far-flung frontier.

New box cover art by Ross Grams and some component and design changes. Larger (23" x 21") six-panel game board. Board is no longer double-sided; the rocket dice side has been eliminated. Ore cubes are a marbleized (almost pearlescent) plastic. Fuel tokens are now translucent plastic. Remastered and redesigned rulebook.

Game includes:
- 24 ship dice in four colors
- 1 relic sip
- 20 ore tokens
- 30 fuel tokens
- 32 colony tokens in four colors
- 24 alien tech cards
- 1 victory orbit card
- 8 teritory counters
- 3 field generator counters
- 3 field generator miniatures
- 4 scoring cards
- 1 scoring tablet
- 1 game board
- 1 rulebook

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