Historia recenzji i ocen użytkownika asaranac

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North
A step back,
As we love standard Imperial Settlers, we were expecting Empires of the North with great anticipation.
Unfortunately, all we got was a huge disappointment.
EotN is definitely a step back from the original IS.
Where IS is smooth, well organized game, EotN is pure chaos of cards scattered all around the table.
New mechanics just complicate the experience while they offer very little in the game-play.
All in all, after few tries, we just packed EotN and send it to the "for sale" pile. And we went back to play Imperial Settlers the way they should be played.

Santa Maria (edycja polska)
Zaskakujaca gra,
Musze powiedziec ze nie lubie kosci i gry na nich oparte.
Ale od czasu do czasu taka gra z koscmi mnie zaskoczy ciekawym wykonaniem.
Santa Maria to jedna z tych gier.
Na dodatek, solo rozrywka jest swietnie wykonana lamiglowka, a mechanika prosto wciaga w gre.
Nie wiem jak by sie gra okazala w multiplayer, bo wydaje sie ze zabardzo interakcji nie ma, ale dla milosnikow solo gry goraco polecam.

Dual Powers: Revolution 1917
Superb light to mediom weight card game for 1 to 2 players,
During the kickstarter campaign for the game I was able to build print and play version and to try it both solo and two player. It quickly become one of my favorite games of 2018 with more than 15 logged plays. The game is medium weight to light and can be a good gateway game for people interested in history. Definitive recommendation.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game
CSI the board game,
I was really pleasantly surprised with this one. It has more board game and replayability in it than I expected. The main mechanics of the game is time management and it creates real tension. Detective is more similar to Time Stories than to Sherlock Holmes CD. Highly recommended. I will be getting all future expansions for this.

Koszulki Rebel Classic Card Game Premium -100 sztuk
Great sleeves, very thick and clear, perfectly fitting to cards. My go to protector in all sizes.

Koszulki na karty Rebel(56x87 mm)Standard USA Premium 100 szt
Great sleeves, very thick and clear, perfectly fitting to cards. My go to protector in all sizes.

I had really high hopes for this one, as it went quickly up on the People's choice top 100 list, but once I tried it, I was a bit disappointed.
The puzzles it creates are too simple for my taste, I really expected more brain burn in it.
This is the game that builds on the elements from Mage Knight I actually do not like, such as need to plan a movement on modular board and interaction with counters.
Might be interested to some players, but definitely not my cup of tea.

Everdell (edycja angielska)
Beautiful engine builder with limited game play,
As everybody know, this game is beautiful.
But this beauty comes with a unwanted price.
Set up is unnecessary too long, partially thanks to the unnecessary three (which starts to fall apart after several plays).
Mechanically it is engine builder with worker placement elements. But the mechanics has some holes in it, so the game could take funny turns like one player finishing 15 minutes before the other. Also luck of the draw plays important part in the game.
I played much better engine builders with village building theme this zear, so Everdell went into the "for sale" pile.

Aeon's End: War Eternal
My second favorite solo deck builder,
With so many deck builders out there, one would think that it is difficult to invent anything new. But Aeon's End manages it with randomized turn order and deterministic everything else.
This rises AE (in any of its iterations) to the high position of my second favorite solo deck builder, right after unavailable Apex Therapod.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
Extinguishing forest fires with bottomless flawer watering can,
Personally, I hate dice resolution in board games. And in RC many things are resolved by rolling dice. Then how come I love RC so much?
First of all, it is one of the most thematic games I ever played. Immersion is incredible, and even dice rolling seems appropriate to the situation on the island.
Second, this game has huge replay-ability, with available scenarios, difficulty and all. This is the game where the victory is impossible, but yet, somehow,, you manage to pull it out every now and then.
The game that is more fun than it has right to be.
Definitive recommendation.

This War of Mine: The Board Game
Re-skinned Robinson Crusoe,
This is another game using Extinguishing fores fires with bottomless flower watering can mechanics previously seen in Robinson Crusoe.
So, if you like Robinson will you like TWOM too?
It depends.
The themes and moods are different, and will appeal to different people, so it may be good to have them both for playing with different gaming groups.
But for me, as I am 90% solo player, the games were too similar to keep both in my collection, and as I prefer Robinson theme I let TWOM find someone who will love it more.

Dinosaur Island
Just another average euro game,
This one came as disappointment to me, considering all the hype that surrounded its kickstarter.
I expected something special, but instead I received quite average euro game with very little new things. Additionally, solo mode was not properly developed (I was informed that it was changed in expansion, but it would bee too much).
Comparing to games like Anachrony or Gaia Project that appeared in the same time, unless you are a die hard dinosaurs fan this game is to be avoided.

Spirit Island (angielskie wydanie)
The Best Game I have ever played,
If I have to take one game with me to the desert island, it would be Spirit Island. It is one of the few games that totally immerse you into theme - theme is part of the game, it is not just glued to the mechanics. Also, replayability is endless just from the base game. Each spirit available plays differently, and it would take ages just to try all the combinations and combos available. And then there are enemy nations, scenarios.... Game can be equally played solo and multiplayer that is another big plus. Huge recommendation.

Leaving Earth with Mercury expansion uszkodzony brak instrukcji
Get into the space race!,
I happen to be an Engineer, and this game speaks different to my kind that it would to others. It is game of calculation and planing where more than half of the game happens in player's notebook and/or head (neither included but both required). But you will rarely in one game feel such satisfaction of the job well done as when you complete some big mission to Mars or Mercury in Leaving Earth. Highly recommended for hard core engineers and mathematicians. Social science students should try before they buy.

Uwe Rosenberg at his best for solo play,
Loyang is my favorite Uwe's game for solo play. It plays like puzzle that needs to be solved and every set-up is different, so there are no problems with replayability.
As a multiplayer game, it has an issue that there is almost no interaction between players, so I would recommend it as solo affair rather than something to be played with friends.

Patchwork (edycja angielska)
The only game my wife wants to play with me,
Patchwork is a great game for every couple. Again this is the only game my non-gaming wife wants to play with me. It is challenging for grown ups, and it is simple enough that even our 7 years old son can participate occasionally without the need for opponent to adjust his/hers level of play.
Even better, a great fan created solo variant appeared on BGG recently, so now I can play it even when there is nobody around. Highly recommended for everybody. It is perfect start of every collection.

Ucieczka: Świątynia Zagłady
Inspiering game :),
I have to admit, I am not a fan of dexterity games.
This one I bought for a friend, and then I borrowed it to test it, since it is a one player game.

The mechanic of this game is inspiring even for the people who do not like dexterity, and it is easy to change the rules in such a way to turn it into turn based experience.

While this is not a game I would buy for myself, I will definitely borrow it again.

Najlepsza zabawka dla dzieci i doroslych,
Drewiane klocki - czy jest cos lepszego?
Katamino jest zabawa zarowno dla dzieci jak dla doroslych.
Puki lamigluwka jest switna okazja dla rodzicow aby sie pobawili sami, moje dzieci (6 i 3 lata) prawie codziennie wyciagaja Katamino, i w kombinacji z drwianna Jenga korzystaja klocki do budowania zamkow....

Gra polecana dla karzdej rodziny.

Dixit 6: Wspomnienia
You can never have enough of Dixit cards,
Dixit is a favorite game in our family.
My six years old boy loves it so much that he even presented it as part of My favorite toy project in school.

Dixit 6 brings 84 new cards. They mix well with the ones from previous editions.

And as Dixit is such a game that the more cards you have the better it plays, every additional card is welcomed.

Carcassonne Junior (wydanie polskie)
Just a perfect game for children,
At first I bought this game for my children, and later I think I bought 3 or 4 sets more as a present for my friends and colleagues in parenthood :)

And all copies are well used.

Pre-teenage children just love playing this game.
One of the reason is that strategy needed to win a game is simple, but yet challenging, and while playing it, children feel equal to adults against whom they play.

Highly recommended.