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Battle of Durak

Adaptacja rosyjskiej gry Durak.


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dostępność: dostępna
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Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 2 do 4
wiek: od 8 lat
czas gry: od 10 do 15 min.

wydawca: inny (2016)
projektant: Fedor Sosnin

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


• 2-4 Players
• 10-15 Minutes
• Ages 8+

A light, trick-taking card game in which players take on the roles of skillful warriors as they battle it out and attempt to be the first player to run out of cards.

An adaptation of the Russian card game Durak, Battle of Durak features new rules, complex strategies, and a role-playing fantasy twist.

Players take turns attacking and defending with battle and skill cards in an attempt to add more cards to their opponent’s hands while depleting their own.

Strategic hand-building is key to winning the game. Hold on to the right cards, play your characters skillfully, and prepare for the final battle.

•Asymmetric player powers
•Player elimination
•Co-operative play

Become a Skillful Warrior:
• Barbarian: A fearsome warrior with brutal attacks. Even if you are not facing him directly, you are not safe from the barbaric outbursts of rage.
• Mage: A skillful master of illusions. Manipulating the suits and values of Battle Cards to shift the outcome of each battle.
• Thief: A cunning and crafty fighter. Convincing foes they stand against a much more formidable opponent.
• Necromancer: A master of the black arts that has dedicated himself entirely to the dead. Forcing Battle Cards from the graveyard to come back into battle.
• Alchemist: A crazed chemist that creates powerful concoctions. Putting together Battle Cards to create much stronger attacks.
• Assassin: An explosive fighter that hunts from the shadows. Waiting for the right situations to make a critical attack.

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