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DC Comics Dice Masters - Worlds Finest (Starter Set)

Zestaw startowy dla 2 graczy


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wydawca: Wizkids (2016)

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


The DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set features fan favorite characters like Batman™, Superman™, Power Girl, and more! The DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set brings the Allies keyword to DC Comics Dice Masters for the first time, and features characters with Iron Will and other brand new mechanics!

With game-play that supports two players in epic dice battles, the DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! The DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh!

Introducing more than 30 heroes and villains (and their dice!), the DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set will be sure to stick out as a highlight of your Dice Masters collections!


44 Custom Dice
38 Cards
Two Dice Bags
Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook
Everything two players need to play DC Comics Dice Masters!

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dodano: 2017-03-09 Dice masters for Batman and/or Superman fans autor: pszgaspar

This is the first dice masters set I got. The whole dice masters system is a very enjoyable game system. Two players sit down face to face with a set of characters of their own choosing and try to tear down the other players defences and defeat the opponent. The different sets can be combined so you could have epic DC vs. Marvel, X-men vs. D&D or in this case, Superman vs. Batman fights. This edition was released around the premier of the Batman v Superman film, but thankfully the game has no other ties to that mess of a movie. It is a dice game so luck will be a huge factor, which I usually hate in games but here it's not that annoying and I still really enjoy playing it anytime. This is my go-to 2 player game right now. I read about the game before buying it and others said that if you're a Batman or Superman fan, this is the set you will want. I'm a huge Batman nerd so it was a total win for me. Unfortunately, the starter set does not contain many characters I love (Robin, Nightwing, Alfred, Gordon, all Batman villains), but it does offer a set that is a good start. Now here comes the problem. This game can be a money pit. If you want to have the other characters like I do (e.g. Joker, Mr. Freeze, Robin, Nightwing, etc) you have to start buying the booster packs which is always a blind bet, 'cause you don't know what's in the package you're buying. Be aware of that. I wasn't entirely sure that I will like the game when I bought it because I'm not a fan of dice games, but this game has totally proved me wrong. If you're a Batman fan, get this one, but you can check the Jusitce League version if you'd like those characters more, but you can actually mix and match in any way you want.