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Midgard Campaign Setting (okładka miękka)

Podręcznik RPG do systemu kompatybilnego z Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Dungeons & Dragons, AGE System i inne


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Podstawowe informacje:

wydawca: Kobold Press

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


The Midgard Campaign Setting is the culmination of five years of adventures and sourcebooks from Kobold Press. It brings to life a world of dark fantasy drawn from the great European traditions. Here you will find ley lines and deep magic; the Western Waste’s giant, shambling horrors and magic-blasted landscapes; diabolical gnomes and the schemes of immortal Baba Yaga; wild, wind-riding elves and swashbuckling minotaur corsairs; the Mharoti Empire’s lethal assassins and exotic splendors; and the dragon-haunted crags of the icy Northlands.

The Midgard Campaign Setting book includes:

Pathfinder and AGE System rules for gearforged, kobold, and minotaur PCs
26 new backgrounds, 3 new schools of magic and new specialties for AGE System
New clerical domains including clockwork, moon, hunger and beer
More than 50 kingdom write-ups, with new feats and traits for each region of Midgard
New spells, magical items, and incantations
New gear and weapons unique to the setting
Ley line magic and the secrets of the shadow roads!

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