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Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar Boxed Set

Zestaw podręczników z serii Dungeon Crawl Classics


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wydawca: Goodman Games
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Enter the thrilling world of Fritz Leiber’s Nehwon, home to the legendary city of Lankhmar and the infamous heroes Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser! Prepare yourself to battle members of the city’s nefarious Thieves’ Guild in fog- shrouded alleys, to barter for cursed curios in the Plaza of Dark Delights, and to seek the wisdom of Ningauble of the Seven Eyes and Sheelba of the Eyeless Face! All this and more is possible with DCC Lankhmar. This boxed set contains comprehensive rules options and new material for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG explicitly designed to capture the unique setting of Nehwon and Lankhmar, the City of the Black Toga. Inside, you’ll find new spells, monsters, magical items, patrons, and rules to make your DCC RPG campaign more like Leiber’s exiting stories—including the popular “Fleeting Luck” mechanic where good fortune blesses your characters one minute, only to dash their hopes the next. This set also includes a detailed look at Lankhmar and provides the judge with an assortment of descriptions, tables, and adventure ideas to get their DCC Lankhmar campaign up and running with a minimum of effort, including the adventure “No Small Crimes in Lankhmar” and a beautiful city map illustrated by Doug Kovacs. A copy of the Dungeon Crawl Classics rulebook is required to use this boxed set. Made in the US.

Inside this box you will find:
The Judge’s Guide to Nehwon (104 pages)
Compendium of Secret Knowledge (40 pages)
Lankhmar: City of the Black Toga (44 pages)
Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar #0: No Small Crimes in Lankhmar (12 pages)
A gigantic 33” x 17” poster map of the City of Lankhmar
Another 17” x 22” map of Nehwon
A 3-panel judges screen with tables specific to the DCC Lankhmar setting
An exclusive issue of the Goodman Games Gazette
Plus download codes for a digital edition

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