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Prince Valiant

Gra RPG osadzona w arturiańskim świecie komiksów Hala Fostera.


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Podstawowe informacje:

wydawca: inny

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


Greg Stafford's seminal storytelling game set in the Arthurian world of Hal Foster's opus, Prince Valiant, returns in an all new edition!

Prince Valiant is an acclaimed masterpiece of roleplaying game history, and Nocturnal Media is proud to present an all new version under the guidance of the grand-shaman of RPGs, Greg Stafford!

Published for the first time in full color and hard cover,the deliberately simple mechanics in this game make it accessible to younger and casual players!

The ease of play allows players to cooperate and enjoy the social activity of collectively creating a story, a pastime made easier as players take turnes as the Storyteller.

Saddle up your horse, ready your shining blade, and experience the world of Prince Valiant.

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