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Starfinder Armory

Dodatkowy podręcznik z wyposażeniem do gry RPG Starfinder


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wydawca: Paizo
nr katalogowy:PZO7108

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


Gear Up!

It's a dangerous universe out there, and often the difference between survival and being the next meal for an angry ksarik is having the right equipment. From guns to augmentations to high-tech and magical devices for every imaginable situation, Starfinder Armory is your guide to everything you need, whether you are a frontline fighter, stealthy spy, or scholarly spellcaster. Inside this book you'll find the following:

Scores of new weapons, filling out the options for weapons of every category, level, and type and rules to customize your weapons through weapon accessories, weapon fusions, and different weapon manufacturers.
New suits of armor, including light, heavy, and powered armor for nearly every level and numerous armor upgrades.
A wide range of new equipment-themed player options, including class features for every class!
Dozens of new pieces of technological, magic, and hybrid items, as well as numerous personal items, new augmentations from cybernetics to magitech and necrografts, and more!

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