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Brainbox: My First Pictures

Angielska edycja Brainbox - Moje pierwsze obrazki.


59.90 PLN
dostępność: u dostawcy
wysyłamy w: 7 - 14 dni

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Podstawowe informacje:

liczba graczy: od 1 do 8
wiek: od 3 lat
czas gry: od 10 do 10 min.

wydawca: Albi (2008)

wersja językowa: angielska
instrukcja: angielska


If you have a young child, My First BrainBox should be in your home. With fifty-five sturdy picture/question cards, it will be a game that can be used for many years, in many ways. For a very young child each charming illustration can be a springboard to developing fundamental observation skills. If you don’t know what to ask, use the questions on the back as your basic starting point. And because most of the colorful illustrations in My First BrainBox are of familiar scenes, the next step would be to have your children study the picture and tell you a story about it. This develops their imagination and logic skills as they strive to make sense of the unknown. Then, as your child matures, he will be ready to develop both his short and long-term memory, so challenge him to recall the details after he has studied a My First BrainBox card for ten seconds. A die is rolled, and if your child can answer the corresponding question on the back of the card, the card is his. This will encourage his visual memory and even his auditory processing skills. You know how deficient young children can be in both arenas, and you will hard-pressed to find another program that addresses these needed proficiencies in such an effortless manner.

Designed especially for pre-readers, there are no words on the fronts of the cards, just child-friendly images, so My First BrainBox is suitable for any child, even those as young as 3. My First BrainBox - a delightful way for your child to attain so many vital skills.

About BrainBox
BrainBox games develop both short and long term memory by challenging children to recall what they saw. Players study a game card for 10 seconds trying to memorize a variety of features. A die is rolled and if the player can answer the corresponding question, the card is his. Play until one child has won a set amount of cards or play until all cards are acquired. With 55 cards and 10 questions per card, this is a painless way to learn 550 Presidential facts. Designed for prereaders, but readers do not have to be left out; anyone will benefit from building their visual memory and auditory processing!


55 durable cards in a sturdy box
10 questions per card

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